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The FSM .NET Marina Management System is the most advanced and capable marina management software available. It’s reliable, fast, flexible, comprehensive, and quickly understood and mastered. It was developed with Microsoft's groundbreaking .NET software development technology and uses Microsoft’s robust and secure SQL Server database engine. FSM is Windows software, and the dock check and inventory count modules run on Windows Mobile enabled handheld computers. It is designed for very efficient local and wide-area networking with an unlimited number of simultaneous users who can be in your marina office or anywhere in the world. With FSM, you can enjoy the new features of Windows 10, or keep running Windows 7.


Though built with the latest technology, FSM inherits the combined wisdom and knowledge of hundreds of marina operators gathered over the past two decades who used its predecessor. Recognized leaders in the marine industry and large marina chain operators have surveyed everything on the market and chosen FSM. There are over 150 marinas and public ports and harbors using FSM, and most of them have moved and converted their data from other marina management systems with Professional Software’s expert assistance.


The FSM .NET Marina Management System offers the following modules for wet and dry stack storage marinas, harbor and port authorities, marine repair services and boatyards, ship’s stores, and boat dealers. Property management reporting and fully integrated, robust accounting is included.


§     Elliott Bay MarinaWet Storage Dock Management

§     Handheld Computer Dock Check with Meter Readings

§     Dry Stack Rack Management

§     Interactive Graphical Marina View for Slips, Racks and Land Storage

§     Launch Scheduling for Dry Stack, Land Storage, and Service Operations

§     Accounts Receivable with AutoBilling, e-Statements and AutoPayments

§     Repair Order Management with Inventory Control

§     Point-of-Sale with Inventory Control

§     Handheld Computer Inventory Taker

§     Transient Guest Reservations

§     Boat Renting with Reservations

§     Boat Sales with Boat Inventory and Contact Management

§     Accounts Payable with Secure Checking Bank Interface

§     General Ledger

§     Credit Card Payment Processing

§     Fuel Management System Gas Pump Interface

§     Access Control Interface

§     Micros Interface to Accounts Receivable and Reservations


For more information contact Rick McCorkle at 770-963-9254,

In the northeast, contact Jim Rouse at 508-274-4830,


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Access Control


FSM can be integrated with ALX Technology’s RCS-3100 marina access control system. For information call Troy Talbot at 360-739-1056,,



Graphical Marina View



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